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Webinar | The Demonization of America’s Christians      

The Demonization of America’s Christians

America’s Christians are combatting growing rhetoric from mainstream media and even U.S. agencies seeking to disparage their conservative views and paint them as “domestic terrorists.”

This “othering” of America’s Christians is of grave concern to Save the Persecuted Christians. In too many countries worldwide, we have seen how the marginalization, discrimination, and harassment of people of faith eventually leads to violent persecution. When Christians, and other believers, are pushed from the public square, they become vulnerable to persecution—and that is precisely what is happening in America.

In short, we must protect the right of Christians to believe, worship, and associate freely worldwide or risk losing the ability and moral courage to exercise our own constitutional right to religious freedom at home. America will cease to be what the Bible calls a “shining city on a hill,” playing its historical role of a beacon of freedom to the world and a guarantor of it here.

Will American Christians become the world’s next victim of persecution? We allow this rhetoric to continue and build at our own peril.


  • Frank Gaffney, president and CEO, Save the Persecuted Christians


  • Charles “Sam” Faddis, Former CIA operations officer: ‘Christian Nationalists’: Do You Have Item on the FBI’s List of Symbols for ‘Domestic Violent Extremists’? Most of Us Do
  • Trevor Loudon, Producer, “Enemies Within the Church”: Demonizing the Church from Within—with A Little Help from Known Communists
  • Jonathan Alexandre, Director of Government Affairs, Liberty Council: Purging Christians from Civic Life, Discourse, and the Public Square
  • Liz Yore, esq., President and founder, Yore Children: ‘Gun-toting’ Catholics Maligned by The Atlantic as ‘Rosary Radicals,’ ‘Rad-Trads,’ and the ‘Church Militant’
  • Pastor Jorge Parrott, President, Christ’s Mandate for Missions: Warnings for America from Countries Where Being a Christian Could Get You Killed


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