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Save Christians in Nigeria!
Send a letter to Pres. Trump and other officials asking for a Special Envoy for Nigeria/Lake Chad
Dear Fellow Champion of the Cause of Persecuted Christians:

We wanted to share with you an urgent appeal.  As you know, the persecution of followers of Christ in Nigeria is escalating to the point where that huge and strategically important African nation is at risk of imploding.  The consequences of such a development for Nigeria’s own people, its continent, Europe and the wider world are almost unimaginably bad.
The United States can play a potentially decisive role in defusing this crisis, but to do so it must speak up swiftly and with a single and forceful voice.  To this end, we would ask you to join us in a letter to President Trump urging him to appoint immediately a Special Envoy for Nigeria with the authority and skills to marshal, harmonize and bring to bear effective U.S. policy and programs.

This can be most efficiently done via our website. Follow this link, to a form that will enable you to easily, and all-at-once, send a letter to Mr. Trump and his senior subordinates, U.S. State Dept. officials, Commissioners at USCIRF, and to members of the Senate Foreign Relations and House Foreign Affairs committees.

Bless you!
Fmr. Congressman Frank R. Wolf, and Frank Gaffney, President of Save the Persecuted Christians

Coalition member Uncharted Ministries is delivering notes of encouragement to the persecuted around the globe. Visit this link to write a letter of encouragement to Nigerian widows. The heartbreaking onslaught of persecution launched against them by a Muslim terrorist group known as the Fulani Herdsman or the Fulani Militia has left villages devastated, thousands of houses and churches leveled, land confiscated, and Christian women and girls kidnapped. The Nigerian widow situation is one of the most severe examples of Christian persecution in the world today.

Coalition member, St. Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy, is asking for donations for this year’s Christmas gift initiative. The Mission of Hope and Mercy serves the needs of Iraqi and Syrian refugees in Lebanon by providing hygiene supplies, food and other resources to this vulnerable population targeted for genocide by ISIS. Each year they bring Christmas gifts and food to bring a little light and joy into the hearts of the children who have been so harmed. Visit this link to find out more and to donate to the gift drive.

Save the Persecuted Christians Coalition is working to get the exhibit, People of the Cross, into churches and other venues across the United States. We have many who are willing to host the exhibit, but need help with the cost ($1700). If you can contribute to this initiative, please make a donation email: [email protected] and we will assist you.

In Dec., 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 407 Condemning the Persecution of Christians in Countries Around the World. In partnership with the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, Save the Persecuted Christians Coalition is working to have the same or complimentary resolutions passed in state legislatures across the United States. Please email [email protected] for more information on how YOU can help get this resolution passed in your state.

If you are a faith leader, pastor, rabbi or business owner, please order a FREE banner to hang outside to help us, like Paul Revere, alert the “people in the pews” to the plight of more than 215 million Christians being violently abused and even murdered for their faith in Jesus. If you are an individual who wants to join the SaveUs Movement, please sign up TODAY!

Tell the story of persecution. Lift up the martyrs! Order an exhibit for your church, place of work, seminars or conferences. The entire 24 panel exhibit can be printed and shipped in about 4 days for $2,500.
The exhibit can be shown in whole, or panels can be rotated out over time.
Save The Persecuted Christians invites church leaders to partner and share.

Stay informed and share the stories of anti-Christian violence with our “Drudge-style” news aggregator at:

3 Simple Steps To Join The Movement & Help!

The first banner kit is free.

Hang a banner in front of your house of worship to raise grassroots awareness of the historic, global persecution of 215 million Christians. The kit includes a banner, poster and  information packet with the facts to share with the people in the pews.

Stand at the ready.

Get news and alerts about active persecution, and efforts to advance policy to stop the violence against Christians and ensure religious freedom. Receive urgent calls to action to support our suffering Christians and denounce those who persecute. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Know the facts.

Follow the news, read the reports and know the facts about Christian persecution at home and abroad. Understand the threat by visiting this site often to read the latest news and information on persecution happening in countries around the world.