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Host a SaveUs Exhibit

In July 2019, the Warfare on Women exhibit premiered as a side event for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s 2nd U.S. Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. It details the fractured lives of brave Christian women targeted by terrorists seeking to demean and degrade their dignity to create fear in their communities.

In July 2018, the People of the Cross exhibit premiered at the annual Christians United for Israel Summit, and was shown in the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center as a side event for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s U.S. Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom.

Save the Persecuted Christians invites you, or your organization, to host one or both of our powerful and informative exhibits, Warfare & Women and The People of the Cross.

The exhibits can be reproduced and shipped to you in approximately 48 hours for a suggested donation.
Warfare on Women15 banners for $1500
The People of the Cross24 banners for $2500

This compelling portable displays consists of retractable pop-up banners (32” x 7’) providing faces and factual information that make tangible the suffering experienced by followers of Jesus Christ.

By hosting our highly transportable exhibits in churches, civic centers or other venues in your hometown, you can help inform others on the horrors  being inflicted on hundreds of millions of people simply because they believe in Jesus.

We seek soulmates who will help display this exhibit in scores of locations across the United States over the next few months.

It’s a big ask, but we believe – with your help and God’s grace – we can make great things happen for the world’s persecuted Christians.

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