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U.S. State Department Wants to Compel ‘Equity’ in Foreign Policy: Take Action Today

Public Comment Open Until March 19 on New Rules for Contractors and Award Recipients

Per the just released 2023 Equity Plan the U.S. Department of State will focus on the following strategies to advance equity globally:

  1. Pursue Diplomatic Efforts to Combat Hate and Protect Inclusive Democracy
  2. Advance Racial Equity and Justice Globally
  3. Protect LGBTQI+ Persons Globally
  4. Promote Respect for International Disability Rights
  5. Advance Gender Equity and Equality Globally

On January 19, 2024, the U.S. Department of State issued two notices of proposed rulemaking (NPRMs) that would establish nondiscrimination requirements in foreign assistance. The first for award recipients and subrecipients (Nondiscrimination in Foreign Assistance, RIN 1400-AF66), and the second for contractors and subcontractors (Department of State Acquisition Regulation: Nondiscrimination in Foreign Assistance, RIN 1400-AF65). The Department is accepting written public comments on its proposals until March 19.

To submit your comment please visit both options:

  1. Nondiscrimination in Foreign Assistance
  2. Department of State Acquisition Regulation: Nondiscrimination in Foreign Assistance

For more information see the following:


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