POTUS Letter President Trump Speak Boldly About Christian Persecution

President Trump, Speak Boldly About Christian Persecution

February 5, 2020

Hon. Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

We write as people of faith to express our deep appreciation for all that you do to stand with religious believers and to counter those who restrict or deny the practice of their faith. No administration in modern times has done more than yours to safeguard this foundational liberty.

Unfortunately, it has long been apparent that – while many faith communities suffer persecution – none is being more systematically and massively subjected to it all over the world than Christian ones. And mounting evidence suggests that followers of Jesus are being persecuted in growing numbers, calling us to redouble our efforts on their behalf.

For example, last year, a U.K. government-sponsored report by the Bishop of Truro, Philip Mounstephen, found that anti-Christian persecution is “coming close to genocide.” Open Doors USA’s just-issued World Watch Report for 2020 estimates that there are now 260 million Christians globally who are being heavily persecuted for their faith. And this number, immense as it is, represents but a fraction of those suffering in Christ’s name when those less violently persecuted are included. Aid to the Church in Need assesses that larger population to total some 327 million followers of Jesus. To get a sense of the enormity of this problem, that’s the same number of men, women and children said to be living in the United States at the moment.

There are many steps that can be taken to help address this horrific outrage taking place, not in the distant past, but in our time. You have, for instance, demonstrated the effectiveness of holding persecutors accountable and imposing costs for their crimes against humanity in connection with your successful effort to free Pastor Andrew Brunson. We believe more of that kind of pressure is in order and urgently needed now.

In the meantime, there is an action that you and your subordinates could readily take that would make a material difference to the hundreds of millions of Christians suffering for their faith: You can give them hope and even some protection by making their plight a special focus of your administration’s public and private diplomacy.

Making a special point of the enormity of the crisis afflicting Christians need not diminish your administration’s concern about other religious minorities – any more than your rightly focusing on egregious Iranian terrorism lessens our opposition to that perpetrated by others, or your singling out China’s comprehensively predatory trade practices detracts from the administration’s successful efforts to correct other unfair bilateral and multilateral trade relationships.

Unfortunately, of late it seems that anti-Christian persecution is increasingly addressed in official communications, if at all, as just one of numerous examples of disregard for religious freedom. Often, anti-Muslim persecution, for example by the Chinese or Burmese governments, is accorded far greater attention. Unacceptable as such oppression is – and for that matter, persecution of anyone for their religious beliefs – such focus ignores the proverbial elephant in the room: the vastly larger number of Christians being imprisoned, tortured, raped, banished or killed simply because they follow Jesus.

Subordinating the immense persecution of Christians to a more generic focus on religious freedom has another risk. It can have the effect of affording certain communities the latitude to assert that, since their faith is superior to all others, their exercise of religious liberty entitles them to restrict its practice by others. This is not a hypothetical concern. Such religious supremacism is estimated to be the proximate cause of at least eighty percent of the persecution of Christians taking place around the world. It must be called out and opposed, not in any way enabled, however unintentionally.

We are gratified that the United Kingdom has just moved to accept in full the Bishop of Truro’s recommendations for addressing the nightmare of anti-Christian persecution. It offers a template for action by our own government. We urge you in addition to begin immediately to build on your extraordinary record of care and engagement on behalf of religious believers by using your “bully pulpit” and other vehicles available to your administration boldly to call attention to the uniquely horrific persecution facing followers of Christ.


Rev. Kevin Jessip
Save the Persecuted Christians
President, Global Strategic Alliance

Frank J. Gaffney
President & CEO
Save the Persecuted Christians
Founder & Executive Chairman, Center for Security Policy

Suzanne Bock Grishman
Save the Persecuted Christians
Executive Director, Mercury One

Dr. Bob Fu
Save the Persecuted Christians
President, China Aid

Ltg/Rev. William “Jerry” Boykin
Save the Persecuted Christians
Vice President, Family Research Council

Ann Schockett
Save the Persecuted Christians
President, National Federation of Republican Women

Dede Laugesen
Executive Director
Save the Persecuted Christians

Along with our Coalition and Grassroots partners below—88 organizations and more than 500 individuals.

88 Organizations:
David A. Keene, Editor at large, The Washington Times, USA
Gary Smelser, Antioch Plan Developers, LLC, Antioch Plan Developers, LLC, USA
Daniel Thompson, Associate Pastor, GC2 Church, USA
Sara C Ballenger, Capitol Hill Prayer Partners, Capitol Hill Prayer Partners, USA
David Leierer, CEO, ictthreads.com, USA
Mark Singer, Co-founder, Moral Action Ministry, USA
Kim Bongiorno, Co-founder, Moral Action Ministry, USA
Katherine Capps, Co-owner; researcher and analyst, Waterbrooks Institute, USA
Zeno Gamble, COO, White Mountain Research Inc., USA
Linh Nguyen, Director, Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Office of External Relations, USA
Roxann Moss, Director of Administration, Christians In Crisis, USA
Kris Kubal, Director of Engagement and Strategic Resources, Intercessors for America, USA
Faith J. H. McDonnell, Director, International Religious Liberty Program, Institute on Religion and Democracy, USA
Brandy Gibson, Dr. Min & CoPastor, Word of Faith Global Ministries, LLC, USA
Pamela Paul, Dr. Pamela Paul, Dr. Pamela Paul, USA
Jerry Rivers, Environmental Scientist, North American Climate, Conservation and Environment(NACCE), USA
Dr. S. Bryan HIckox, EveryChurch – Director, JesusAlliance/NeedServ, USA
Ann Buwalda, Executive Director, Jubilee Campaign USA, USA
Elizabeth Yore, Founder, Yore Children, USA
Taniel Koushakjian, Founder, Florida Armenians, USA
Amanda Bowman, Founder, The Anglosphere Society, USA
Patrick Carberry, Founder, Www. Joshuacord.org, USA
Dian Comalander, Founder, Redeeming Grace and Love Int., USA
Slater Armstrong, Founder/Director, Joining Our Voices, USA
Eric Metaxas, Host, The Eric Metaxas Show, USA
Deborah Taylor, Intercessor, WorshipWordWarfare.com, USA
Dr. Jeffrey L. Barclay, Lead Pastor, Christ Community Church, USA
Jana Kastle, Leadership, HOPE – House of Prayer Evansville, USA
William Brown, Organizing Manager, Christian Activist Network of New England, USA
Walter Fisher, Parishioner, FBC Wahpeton, ND, USA
Francis Welch, Pastor, Accomack Covenant Church, USA
Rev. Bob Ming & Sherry, Pastor, Centerville Chapel, USA
Rebecca C sundholm, Pastor, New Creation Church, USA
Randy Hill, Pastor, New Beginning Fellowship Church, USA
Carmela, Pastor, Calvary Life Family Worship Center, USA
Mark Brown, Pastor Mark Brown, Abundant Waters Fellowship, USA
April Dixon, Persecution of Christians, Persecution of Christians, USA
Denice Gary-Pandol, President, The Middle East Initiative, USA
Mike M Ghouse, President, Center for Pluralism, USA
Evelyn Deleon, President, Embassy of United Chaplains, USA
William J Murray, President, Religious Freedom Coalition, USA
Suzanne Scholte, President, Defense Forum Foundation, USA
Sharon Jones, President, President, USA
C. Preston Noell III, President, Tradition, Family, Property, Inc., USA
Archbishop Andr, President, Russian Orthodox Autonomous Chuehc of America, USA
Stephen Enada, President, International Committee on Nigeria, USA
Father John Anderson, President, Saint Nicholas Freedom Group, USA
Jeffrey Daly, president, national day of repentance, USA
Henry Thomas Jones IV, President, International Christian Foundation for Democracy, USA
Fr Andre Y Mahanna, President, Our lady of hope, USA
Linda Harvey, President, Mission America, USA
Rev Dr Lydia Gonzalez, President, Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy, USA
Jake Hoffman, President & CEO, Rally Forge, USA
Peggy Nienaber, Vice President, Faith & Liberty DC, USA
Satoshi Nishihata, Washington Bureau Chief, Happy Science USA Washington Bureau, USA
Jane Snyder, CEO, Melchizedek’s Treasure Ltd, USA
Marc Vernoy, Father Prior, Saint Thomas More Priory, États-Unis
Amir George, Director, The Keikyo Institute, Japan
Jemchang Fabong, Chairman, Plateau State Youth Council, Nigeria
Engr Daniel D. Kadzai, National Youth President, Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians (CNNC), Nigeria
Gloria Puldu, President/Leah Foundation, President/Leah Foundation, Nigeria
Gyang Zi esq, Principal Partner Knights’ Firm and Legal Advisor, Berom Educational and Cultural Organization (BECO ), Knights’ Firm and Berom Educational and Cultural Organization (BECO), Nigeria
Zaif George, Country Representative, Ray of Hope, Pakistan
Kashif Nawab, Social Action Transformation for Humanity, Social Action Transformation for Humanity, Pakistan
Art Ally, President, Timothy Plan, USA
Nora Felton, Felton Farms, USA
Abraham NuQuay, Pastor, Christ New Community Fellowship, USA
Ronnie W Rogers, Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, USA
Jorge E Parrott, President, Christ’s Mandate for Missions, USA
Tim Ballard, CEO, The Nazarene Fund, USA

524 Individuals:
Agatha Den Hertog, USA
Alan Jacob Yudt, USA
Aleta Schrock, USA
Alice Holland, USA
Allen E Foster, USA
Allena L Jordan, USA
Alyssa Maxwell, USA
Amber P Davis, USA
Amy Price, USA
Andrea Brett, USA
Andrea Lee Ramey, USA
Angela Heath, USA
Anita Jaeger, USA
Ann Aschauer, USA
Ann Schockett, USA
Anna Leszczynska, USA
Anne Zielke, USA
Ardys, USA
Arlene B Miller, USA
Arthur Nitz, USA
Ashley Prinsloo, USA
Audrey Hayes, USA
Barb bender, USA
Barbara Moody, USA
Barbara Roland, USA
Beatriz Osorno, USA
Beth Rosen, USA
Beth Weise, USA
Betty Ann Evans, USA
Beverly Taylor, USA
Bob Williamson, USA
Bobbie Rench, USA
Bonita K. Gavran, USA
Bonnie Andersen, USA
Bonnie Treitler, USA
Bonnie Tracy, USA
Britta Micic, USA
Carl Baehler, USA
Carla Burnette, USA
Carol A. Knapp, USA
Carol A. Ward, USA
Carol Adams, USA
Carolyn Albano, USA
Carolyn Mobley, USA
Carolyn Parkinson, USA
Carrie Galloway, USA
Catherine Riley, USA
Cathy Ellison, USA
Cathy Sydnor, USA
Catreena Staples, USA
Celine Codd, USA
Cheryl Harnden, USA
Cheryl Santa Cruz, USA
Christen Nelson, USA
Christine Montano, USA
Christopher Nelson, USA
Chrystal Perrow, USA
Chukwudi Ikwueze, USA
Cindy Granger, USA
Cliff Oje, USA
Conni Ieonessa, USA
Cristobal Campos, USA
Crystal Vaughan, USA
Dan Olmstead, USA
Daniel Brink, USA
Daniel Christensen, USA
Daryl & Janine Downing, USA
Dave Olson, USA
David Collins, USA
David Espenlaub, USA
David Kinash, USA
David Rowell, USA
David Silver, USA
Dawn Johnson, USA
Dawn M Rose, USA
Deacon Daniel Rittenhouse, USA
Debbie Johnson, USA
Deborah Collins, USA
Debra Couchman, USA
Delores Purvis, USA
Denise Osborne, USA
Dennis Hallisey, USA
Diane Hamilton, USA
Diane Jones, USA
Diane M Barry, USA
Diane Selz, USA
DIane W. Ashley, USA
Diane Wyder, USA
Dinah Zeck, USA
Dolores McGuire, USA
Don & Gail, USA
Donald Zielke, USA
Donna Jones, USA
Donna Matts, USA
Donna Moore, USA
Doris Ehlenfeldt, USA
Dorothy James, USA
Doug Johnson, USA
Dwight Sanders, USA
Eileen wright, USA
Elaine Pacheco, USA
Elizabeth Baklaich, USA
Elizabeth Yore, USA
Ellen Padalino, USA
Ellen Storey, USA
Emma-Louise Bussey, USA
Estrella Panganiban, USA
Eve Haller Buchanan-cates, USA
Evelyn Christian, USA
Fareideh Davis, USA
Felicia Penner, USA
Florence Corbin, USA
Fran Blanchard, USA
Frances Barbee, USA
Francis Russo, USA
Frank & Debra Kneebone, USA
Gail Cope, USA
Gary Abraham, USA
Gary Mattern, USA
Gayle Lai, USA
George Bowen, USA
George DelSignore, USA
Getachew Dires, USA
Gina Glenn, USA
Glenn Fontaine, USA
Gloria A Robles, USA
Gretchen Canterbury, USA
Hilda K Abel, USA
Hope Crolius, USA
Ian Buchanan-Cates, USA
Israel Oyelakin, USA
J. Sparks, USA
J.M. Phelps, USA
J.Perry Haupt, USA
Jacqueline Wiese, USA
Jacquelynn Bourdeau, USA
James & Adena McCaghren, USA
James Adams, USA
james Billy storey, USA
James Burke, USA
James E Melville, USA
James Gauss, USA
James Hodges, USA
Jan Blake, USA
Jan Gillisse, USA
Jane Adamson, PhD, USA
Jane Alderman, USA
Jane Bate, USA
Jane Cato, USA
Janelle Hultman, USA
Janet Failing, USA
Janie Baer, USA
Jason Taylor, USA
Jean Mitchell, USA
Jean Schuff, USA
Jeanine M. Hoyle, USA
Jeffrey Dean, USA
Jennifer James, USA
Jerrine Dickinson, USA
Jewel Birdwell, USA
Jim B Autry, USA
Joan Jaindl, USA
Joan Johnson, USA
John and Saralou Schierloh, USA
John Beehner, USA
John Bynum, USA
John Hatcher, USA
John Hoffsommer, USA
John Palmer, USA
John Walsh, USA
John Wilkins, USA
John Yocum, USA
John & Heather Trenter, USA
Jonathan, USA
Jose & Dulce Diaz, USA
Joseph Busch, USA
Joseph Ferragine, USA
Josh Menang, USA
Joy L Burns, USA
Joy Savage, USA
Joyce Graff, USA
Joyce Swiatecki, USA
Joyce Swingle, USA
Judith S Peterson, USA
Julie Kane, USA
June Donaghy, USA
Karen Bervig, USA
Karen Domengeaux, USA
Karen Miller, USA
Karen Murawski, USA
Karen O’Toole, USA
Karen Schoening, USA
Karla Debrick, USA
Kathie Wenger, USA
Kathleen Collins, USA
Kathy Petersen, USA
Kathy Whitt, USA
Ken Connelly, USA
Kerry Kane, USA
Kevin Freeman, USA
Kevin Mehr, USA
Kimberly Colonnetta, USA
Kurt Reiber, USA
LaFreda Bermeo, USA
Larry Nelson, USA
Larry Payne, USA
Laura King, USA
Laurie McLean, USA
Leroy Peterson, USA
Leslie Walker, USA
Linda Blackwell, USA
Linda Borgos, USA
Linda Friedrich, USA
Linda Lensert, USA
Linda Pierce-Heaney, USA
Linda wheeler, USA
Linda Wood, USA
Lisa Graham, USA
Lisa Moreira, USA
Lisa Nelson, USA
Lori Daub, USA
Lori Gustafson, USA
Louis Bowers, USA
Lourdes Ramirez, USA
Lucinda Jensen, USA
Lucy Allen, USA
Luka Ladera, USA
Lydia Zook, USA
Lyn McLaurin, USA
Lynda & Doug Morris, USA
M. Endlich, USA
M. Wylie, USA
Maaza Christos Mekuria, USA
Marianne Bervig, USA
Marianne Strenger, USA
Marie Carpenter, USA
Marilyn Blackburn, USA
Marilyn Carter, USA
Marilyn Miller, USA
Marilyn Wantuck, USA
MarkBraisher, USA
Marla Pack, USA
Marleen Townsend, USA
Marlene Bickel, USA
Martha Gillis, USA
Martha Kladitis, USA
Mary Agloro, USA
Mary Burt, USA
Mary Ellen Hale, USA
Mary Kay Esswein, USA
Mary Mader, USA
Mary McCauley, USA
Mary Mire, USA
Mary Skelton, USA
MaryAnn Edman, USA
Maryann Wallace, USA
Megan Pfister, USA
Melba Busse, USA
Melodie Benfer, USA
Merilee DuFrene, USA
Merilee DuFrene, USA
Michael De Rosa, USA
Michael Ferguson, USA
Michael Wood, USA
Michelle Perez, USA
Micky Johnson, USA
Mike Ramirez, USA
Mike Santangelo, USA
Miles Haley, USA
Moira Curns, USA
Monica Olmstead, USA
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Shakro, USA
Mrs. Georgia Bolton, USA
Mrs. Sandra Bruno Coward, USA
Myra Thommie, USA
Nancy Butler, USA
Nancy Dymesich, USA
Natalie Rayos, USA
Nora James, USA
Pam Lewallen, USA
Patricia DeGroot, USA
Patricia Dupuy, USA
Patti Morman, USA
Paul Blundell, USA
Paul Shyposki, USA
Pauline Wilson, USA
Philip B. Haney, USA
Ramona Kinash, USA
Ray Matyasse, USA
Raymond Luster, USA
Rebecca Berube, USA
Rebecca Fleckenstein, USA
Reda Cook, USA
Regina Grubbs, USA
Regina Zimmer, USA
Regis Jamerson, USA
Rev J Paul Landrey, USA
Rich Swingle, USA
Richard & Linda Nathan, USA
Richard Crouse, USA
Richard Randall, USA
Richatd Lemon, USA
Rick Aiello, USA
Rinske Roosma, USA
Rita liebelt, USA
Robert Barlow, USA
Robert Capps, USA
Robert Curfman, USA
Robert James Burkholder, USA
Robert Mckinney, USA
Robert Stauter, USA
Roberta Reese, USA
Robin Bragdon, USA
Rochelle Smith, USA
Roger Russin, USA
Ron & Carole Gabrielson Sr, USA
Ron Polomsky, USA
Ronald Lee, USA
Rosalinda Simmons, USA
Roslyn Long, USA
Ross Lubbers, USA
Russ J. Colombo, USA
Ruth Glenn, USA
Ruth Somers, USA
Sabrina Tay, USA
Sally Bookout, USA
Sally Lawson, USA
Sandra Albert, USA
Sandra Morrow, USA
Sandra Robinson, USA
Sandra Shyposki, USA
Scott Andrew, USA
Scott Brown, USA
Scott Schultz, USA
Sern Saeteurn, USA
Sharon Boileau, USA
Sharon Brown, USA
Sharon Hayes, USA
Sharon Johnson, USA
Sharon Shepard, USA
Sharon Soyka, USA
Sharon Watt, USA
Shawn Newton, USA
Shelley Ryan, USA
Sheryl Boucher, USA
Shirl Unger, USA
Shirley Norton, USA
Shirley Norton, USA
Shirley Norton, USA
Shirley Setliff, USA
Stan and Cristina Goodman, USA
Steve Bonin, USA
Steven Cabral, USA
Sue Ann Fisher, USA
Sue Noll, USA
Sue Rikli, USA
Susan Chaney, USA
Susan Tyler, USA
Suzanne Fenkner, USA
Suzanne Yee, USA
Sylvia J Keller, USA
Tara D Gaede, USA
Teresa French, USA
Teresa L. Carlson, USA
Terri Kring, USA
Terry Alderfer, USA
ThelmaEcherd, USA
Thomas Sargent, USA
Timothy G Newbrander, USA
Tina Novack, USA
Tom Buckley, USA
Tom Nikolanci, USA
Trisha Rose, USA
Trudee Nims, USA
Valerie Smith, USA
Veronica Chai Bundt, USA
Victoria Spriggs, USA
Virginia T Lawrence, USA
Walter Allen, USA
Wanda Smith, USA
Wayne Laugesen, USA
Wendy Ryan, USA
William Glenn Rogers, USA
William Mahlan, USA
William Wenger, USA
Yvonne Harvey, USA
Zana Bowens, USA
Eileen Olsen, USA
Kevin Hebert, USA
Joanne Heimerich-Holmes, USA
Evelyn Smietana, USA
Cecelia West, USA
Carol Combs, USA
Darlene Evans, USA
Dennis Siracusa, USA
Roxanne Houle, USA
Patricia Mcintire, USA
Karen Whaley Sholar, USA
Kurt Klemm, USA
Rhonda Schwind, USA
Lori Shuck, USA
Cindy Deggendorf, USA
Judy Ware, USA
Jane Mitchell, USA
Mary Nadwodny, USA
Judy Peters, USA
Nora Felton, USA
Del Ann Howard, USA
Jimmy Owens, USA
Eileen Poche, USA
JoAnn McGee, USA
Jan Chalgren, USA
Sue Decker, USA
Donna Steele, USA
Betsy King, USA
Theresa Zylla, USA
Christine Routh, USA
Andrew R Dickinsson, USA
Carla Valenzuela, USA
Magdalene Casola, USA
Maria Howat, USA
Marilyn Talarico, USA
Patricia Nash, USA
Judith Ahrens, USA
Cris Bull, USA
Kiley Miller, USA
Adrienne Badgley, USA
Elayne Bielby, USA
Mark waldrep, USA
Linda Crawford, USA
Vonne Ziegler, USA
Karen Campbell, USA
Linda Timm, USA
Abe Abraham, Australia
Darrell Naylor, Australia
Giuseppe Scuderi, Australia
Kingsley Forsyth, Australia
Rachel Kennedy, Australia
Susan Webster, Australia
Harold SEGAISO, Botswana
Alfred Achuo Njini, Cameroon
Paul Mbeh, Cameroon
Barb Billows, Canada
David Pugh, Canada
David Valdes, Canada
Douglas Betts, Canada
Elpida Papavasileiou, Canada
Fc Paolini, Canada
Margaret Lawrence, Canada
Nathan Klassen, Canada
Nelly Nahri, Canada
Gladys González Viera, Estados Unidos de América
Panu Hakala, Finland
Paul Newman, Germany
Dayanidas Sudhakar, India
John, Arash Sedigh, Iran
Noor Yousif, Iraq
Felix Soden, Ireland
Davy Cavally, Italy
Edwin Wagah, Kenya
Bakimi Elisha, Nigeria
Benjamin Sambo, Nigeria
Emmanuel Ibeshi, Nigeria
John Abumchukwu, Nigeria
Nelson Audu, Nigeria
Orbunde Terwase, Nigeria
Sohail Sarwar, Pakistan
Waqar Peter Gill, Pakistan
Mikkie du Toit, RSA
Asher Toh, Singapore
Adri Geyer, South Africa
Desiree Scheepers, South Africa
Carol Marti, Spain
Bill Mason, United Kingdom
Florence-Kate Edeh, United Kingdom
Laura Speece, United Kingdom
Spyrakis Efthimiou, United Kingdom
Adrienne Badgley, USA
Allen Giar, USA
Andrew R Dickinsson, USA
Betsy King, USA
Christine Routh, USA
Cindy Deggendorf, USA
Cris Bull, USA
Del Ann Howard, USA
Donna Steele, USA
Dr. JoAnn McGee, USA
Eileen Olsen, USA
Eileen Poche, USA
Elayne Bielby, USA
Gary bennett, USA
Jan Chalgren, USA
Jane Harmon, USA
Jane Mitchell, USA
Jimmy Owens, USA
Jorge Ballivian, USA
Judith Ahrens, USA
Judy Peters, USA
Judy Ware, USA
Karen Campbell, USA
Karen Whaley Sholar, USA
Karin Liljestrand, USA
Kathleen Unger, USA
Kevin Hebert, USA
Kiley Miller, USA
Kurt Klemm, USA
Linda Crawford, USA
Linda Timm, USA
Lisa Lewis, USA
Lori Shuck, USA
Marilyn Talarico, USA
Mark waldrep, USA
Marlin Sharp, USA
Mary Nadwodny, USA
Patricia Mcintire, USA
Patricia Nash, USA
Rhonda Schwind, USA
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Rosemary Bemis, USA
Sue Decker, USA
Theresa Zylla, USA
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