Passion Prayers for the Persecuted-Ex1-11

Passion Prayer for the Persecuted
Exodus 1:11 – – The Fearful Task Masters

“they did set over them task masters”

Photo Courtesy: Pastor Patris Luqman
A child of the brick kilns in Pakistan where Christians are only 2 percent of the population, are marginalized and are often slaves to generational bonded service.

Let us pray:

The evil taskmasters are afflicting your people oh God.
They are placing huge burdens upon the helpless
They are plundering your people
They are sowing the seeds of death

We pray today that you will help your people
Assist them to bear up under the yoke of oppression
Help your Persecuted Christians the same way you helped Israel in Egypt
In Jesus Name

Many nations seek to wipe out the Christian faith
They deal evilly with your people
Help us Oh Lord, Help us
Let their Plans fail
Let your Church live
Let your people Overcome.

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