The Save The Persecuted Christians Coalition encourages heightened public awareness about the plight of Christians in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and elsewhere by placing banners and other signage outside of churches, synagogues and in other prominent venues.

These signs have a simple message:

Save The Persecuted Christians Church Banner

Click here to order a starter kit for your church, synagogue or other institution which will enable it to help the Save The Persecuted Christians Coalition.

Participating institutions receive information suitable for sharing with their congregants and visitors interested in learning how they can do something to help save persecuted Christians. These materials include, among other things, links to the webpages and other resources of Coalition members actively assisting Christians in various ways and invitations to join them in doing so.

The Coalition hopes, in addition, to encourage assistance to persecuted Christians in another form, as well. We seek to enlist the American political leadership, without regard to party or ideology, by creating an environment in which official help to Christian victims of genocide and other kinds of repression and persecution becomes a priority. The immediate goal would be to bring tangible U.S. pressure to bear on governments that sponsor or tolerate these crimes against humanity – whether on their soil or elsewhere – and to provide aid directly to their victims.

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