Order a banner & information kit

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For questions regarding your order, please contact K-Team Printing via their email address at [email protected]. For all other questions, please contact the Save The Persecuted Christians Coalition.
At this time, The Persecuted Christians Coalition is making available one (1) Starter Kit per place of worship for FREE in an effort to exponentially raise awareness about this grave social issue.
A Starter Kit includes:
(1) 6ft x 2ft Heavy Duty Vinyl Banner –
to display outside a place of worship,
(1) 11″ x 17″ Color Poster – to place on the “read board” in the place of worship to explain the banner and ن symbol, and
(1) Pastor’s Folder – with information about the Coalition, its partner organizations, and recommendations for how congregations can help persecuted Christians.

Additional Starter Kits & Materials:
 Additional Starter Kits and additional individual components (individual banners, posters, and folders) are also available for purchase at a cost of $50 per kit. Please note that the price of these additional kits and components INCLUDES THE COST OF SHIPPING to anywhere in the United States.

Thank you for your concern and your action to help persecuted Christians around the world!

*Please note that informational bulletin inserts and other print assets are available for download on this site to help pastors inform their congregations about this important initiative.
**Please also note that the banners do not ship with mounting hardware. We suggest using two 4ft light duty fence posts and four bungee ball ties to mount the banner in a fashion similar to what can be seen below and on our home page. These can be found at your local hardware store.