Save the Persecuted Christians


Save The Persecuted Christians grassroots mobilization campaign


The banner campaign is modeled after the 1970s 'Save Soviet Jewery' campaign that helped bring down that 'Evil Empire.'
Save The Persecuted Christians banners are showing up outside of houses of worship in U.S. towns and cities.

(Washington, D.C.) — Many individuals and organizations in the United States and around the world are working hard to alleviate the plight of Christians being subjected to barbaric persecution. Each is making a contribution to help those suffering from such horrors as: forced expulsions from their homes and communities, rape, torture, enslavement, the destruction of their churches and holy sites, crucifixion and murder on a genocidal scale.
Unfortunately, despite their respective best efforts, such persecution is continuing and, in some places, intensifying.
In the hope of actually ending this mistreatment of Christians, it is time for collective action.To this end, an informal coalition of those committed to protecting Christian believers and their communities globally have come together to:

  • Raise the awareness of the American people and their elected representatives about the plight of persecuted Christians worldwide;
  • Create an irresistible trans-partisan political force to support them
  • Hold accountable those engaged in such persecution and create powerful disincentives to it.

Join the Save The Persecuted Christians Action Network today.

UPDATED: 08/2018

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